In the face of the Left’s threat to revolt on November 4, 2017, let Patriots resolve to protect our nation.

Let every patriot agree and stand firm. We are committed to protect the Constitution against all foes, both foreign and domestic. We who have served in the United States military have raised our right hand and sworn this oath.

We agree that violence perpetrated against persons and property by any person is not protected speech under the 1st Amendment of our U.S. Constitution and may, when the motive is the overthrow of our Constitution and peace, be responsibly understood to be both criminal behavior and an attack on our nation by domestic enemies; and as such, such behavior threatens the lives and security of our citizens and the peace of our nation.

We further agree that the apprehension and prevention of violent rioters, demonstrators, and domestic enemies of our nation is the first responsibility of law enforcement at both the State and Federal levels of authority; including the national guard and state militias, but may fall as well on individual citizens when other proper lawful authorities either fail to intervene against those responsible for said violence, or are incapable due to the size of the confrontation. In short, if law enforcement is incapable or unwilling to preserve the peace, we agree that the defense of civil society will fall to the citizens themselves to restore, protect, and preserve.

In any case, let every patriot resolve that they will not only join together appropriately if there is a break down of civil society due to the actions of rioters and or enemies of the State and our grandchildren’s future in this free constitutional republic, but that we do solemnly also agree and covenant that we will maintain integrity with one another as citizens and jurors to never convict another patriot for defending our Constitution and our way of life from the violence of rioters, protesters, and domestic enemies of our nation—without regard to whether such defense requires the taking of enemy lives.

So help me God.

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
October 10, 2017


There has never been any equivalence between Soviet strategic intentions and behavior and the United States in Afghanistan. Anyone who says otherwise is a damned liar!

There has never been any equivalence between Soviet strategic intentions and behavior and the United States in Afghanistan.  Anyone who says otherwise is a damned liar!

This morning on the FOXBusiness morning show that is usually hosted by Maria Bartiromo, a young Navy SEAL named Erik (I don’t remember his last name) drew an equivalence between strategic operations of former Soviet Union and U.S. forces in Afghanistan. He alleged that if our forces remain in Afghanistan for four or more years that we would be adopting the Soviet strategy in Afghanistan.

I don’t know what may be this SEAL’s motivation for making such an outrageously damning statement, but because he comes out of Special Operations Command and is acting as an expert on an international news platform, I cannot but believe that he is not ignorant of the great political and operational distinctions between Soviet and U.S. military behavior. I am grieved that this young man would knowingly tell such a horrible lie against our nation and our objectives in Afghanistan!

Soviet aggression in Afghanistan, and the unrestrained horrors that the Soviets perpetrated against the Afghan people, was one of conquest and occupation to expand Soviet control over the region in their march toward warm water ports through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

The United States has had no strategic objectives in Afghanistan not related directly and exclusively to our own national security interest in the overthrow of terrorist groups based in Afghanistan on invitation from the former ruling terrorist government of Afghanistan. Indeed, the infrastructure mission that I, myself, was involved with was part of a global non-kinetic “International Security Assistance Force” that sought to aid the Afghan people; not to overturn local legitimate Afghan government.

With respect to the distinctive difference between Soviet behavior in Afghanistan and U.S. behavior in Afghanistan I will relate my personal experience in Afghanistan. Without exception, everywhere in the country that I interacted with Afghan citizens, when they learned that when I was a young soldier who fought the Soviet backed Communists in Vietnam, they embraced me as a special personal ally. Most Americans cannot understand this, but to honor me and my efforts against the Communists in Vietnam, the Afghans would call me “Mujahideen” (a “jihadist” fighting a common enemy). The message here is that the Afghan people embraced me and what we were doing as a common ally in their struggle to rebuild Afghanistan; but no Afghan remembers the Soviets as anything other than a brutal enemy of Afghanistan and her people.

Let me close by making this clear statement without equivocation. If anyone dares to draw any equivalence between the Soviet Union’s actions in Afghanistan with the actions of the United States they are at best grossly ignorant of history and too quick to engage their voices to spread manure against our nation, or, they are part of the patriot hating lying media, Left, RINOs, and/or “Never-Trumpers”.

Further, many may disagree with me, but remaining engaged on the ground in Afghanistan is, and will continue to be essential to our national security. We don’t have to like it, but leaving Afghanistan will result in grave physical harm around the globe!

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
August 22, 2017

Be certain to remain where you know you must stand.

Be certain to remain where you know you must stand.

Some voices are speaking out against the good and peaceful men and women standing and speaking up for their ideals in Charlottesville. We should be careful not to side with such accusations against our neighbors exercising their Constitutional rights. There were many good and faithful people at Charlottesville peacefully standing to say the statues should remain. Don’t lump them in with those who started the violence. We cannot run from our own principles because others we disagree with show up, lest we always be found running away from where we must stand.

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
August 19, 2017

my take on the CEOs walking away from President Trump. Good riddance to more vermin!

my take on the CEOs walking away from President Trump. Good riddance to more vermin!

This past week the CEOs that had been enlisted to serve on the President’s Manufacturing Council and Strategy & Policy Forum advisory boards decided to abandon President Trump out of faux anger over his response to the outrageous violence perpetrated by the Left in Charlottesville, Virginia. Indeed, the President’s response was perfectly appropriate. The response of the CEO’s was purely political and aimed at undermining the “outsider” president hated by the Left and the Establishment (including so-called Republicans), but who is loved and supported by the Americans who elected him to office November 8, 2016.

What have these CEO’s really done?

First, they have engaged in telling huge whopping lies to impugn the character of the President!

Second, they have betrayed their stockholders. If it is in the interest of stockholders that you serve as a CEO, it is an unusually good and proper place for your stockholders that you remain in a position where you can continue to provide insight and advice on economic issues to the president of the nation. By leaving they have done their stockholders a terrible disservice and betrayed the stockholder’s interests entirely for purely political reasons. They should be dismissed promptly by their stockholders!

Third, by their actions they have undermined confidence in an otherwise strengthening market. Are we to think that their political contempt for President Trump should outweigh the market interests of the American People? I, for one, do not!

Lastly, they have joined together against you and me! Their contempt is against every one of us who chose to make free-market businessman and patriot Donald Trump to be our president instead of Marxist Socialist Alinsky disciple and crook Hillary Clinton!

I don’t know if their stockholders will fire them, but in my economic and spending decisions I have already begun to fire the companies that they represent. I have unsubscribed every “Under Armour” subscription and will henceforward NOT purchase any product associated with “Under Armour”. Where possible, I will likewise not purchase any other product produced by any of the companies led by any of these CEOs. We are in a war for the future of our children and grandchildren. When they fight President Trump they are fighting my family!

Were they successful in undermining President Trump? I doubt it. We who have the spending dollars in our wallets are more powerful than these whinny Leftists. We have not turned against President Trump or our nation’s best interests! President Trump is smarter than the bunch of them together. It was out of fairness, wisdom, and the generosity of President Trump to give them the chance to sit on his economic council; but President Trump did not really need their input for one minute. They didn’t hurt him.

That’s my take on the CEOs walking away from President Trump. Good riddance to more vermin!

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
August 19, 2017

My letter to my vacationing Texas senator (I’m sent a very similar one to Senator Cruz too!):

My letter to my vacationing Texas senator (I’m sent a very similar one to Senator Cruz too!):

My letter to my vacationing Texas senator (I’m sent a very similar one to Senator Cruz too!):

Senator Cornyn,

The fact of the matter is that I have voted for you every time you have run for office since my retirement from the U.S. Army and returning home to Fort Worth, Texas. The problem is, I don’t believe that you are voting for me, or my family, or the interests of Texas any more. Instead, you seem to be playing Establishment games in Washington, D.C., while telling us at home that you are fighting to repeal Socialized medicine under Obamacare (ACA). But instead of repealing Obamacare, you are on vacation and Obamacare remains the law of the land. And even more shocking, before you left Washington, D.C., you added your fingerprints to the Senate’s action to block President Trump from making recess appointment! It is a downright dirty shame that the same Senate, that you, sir, are a leader in, has failed in miserable fashion to accomplish for your constituents anything you have promised, including even the first step of repealing Obamacare or passing tax relief legislation to fire up the economy, but you have clearly joined the “Never-Trumper” traitors in the Republican Party and all of the Democrats in creating a new obstruction to President Trump while you have taken a leave of the job we sent you there to do! I have had enough!

Senator Cornyn, since you have decided to lie to Texans like me, and promise to be a part of the solution to the big government brokers in the Establishment, and since you have decided to take a month off since you are so overworked in your first six months of doing nothing in this term, you can be certain, along with your junior Senator Ted Cruz who has followed your model, that I will be happy to support any true Trump supporting Conservative that throws their hat in the ring to oppose you the next time you run for any office!

Keep playing grab-ass with your Establishment friends! And enjoy your play-time at recess! I will do everything that I can to stand with Texans who are just waiting to be able to tell you, “You’re fired!”

P.S., Don’t send me any of your form letters! I’ve heard enough lies from you. You want to send me a message? Get yourself back to Washington, D.C., join the team with President Trump, and get to work doing what you promised us when you ran for office as a true Texas Conservative rather than an Establishment Liberal protecting their power in Washington!

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
August 5, 2017

One more attempt to address the Sessions situation. This is important!

One more attempt to address this Sessions issue. I think most are missing the point. Sessions is tied by his integrity and his recusal. He can’t reign in Mueller in his wide ranging investigation that only has one purpose–to keep going forever and to try to destroy our President. His deputy, Rod Rosenstein is tied to Clinton and will not put any reasonable limits on Mueller’s so-called “investigation” (actually a Witch-hunt). Rosenstein will soon have to recuse himself also, so Mueller and his team of crooked Democrats are a run away train.

Because AG Sessions recused himself, and will not resign, the only good solution is to drive him to resign and let President Trump appoint Associate AG Rachel Lee Brand as acting AG to get an immediate handle on Mueller and place strict limits on his investigation.

Trump’s frustration is real and understandable but I doubt they are meant to harm Sessions. Sessions needs to step away on his own. Trump does not want to fire him. But if Sessions resigns, Trump can appoint Brand and stop this run-away Democrat attack on President Trump! Sessions needs to step away now!

And before people miss the point again, it is NOT about getting Giuliani, or Cruz, or Gowdy to replace Sessions! It is about getting someone trustworthy, down the hall, who has not recused themselves over this fake “Russia” investigation, and who is already a deputy AG (Brand), to step past Rosenstein and take charge the moment Sessions resigns!

There is a real strategy here to stop the fake investigation and get on with the nation’s business–right now! That is why we need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot because we can’t do what must be done! THAT is why AG Jeff Sessions needs to step his recused self OUT OF THE WAY NOW!

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
July 26, 2017

Seven RINOs that must be defeated and run out of Washington, D.C. as soon as possible!

Let’s be very clear. For the first time since passage of O’care, we have a meaningful (some might call it a litmus test) for who in the Senate is a true Republican and who is a Republican In Name Only (RINO) who must be Primary’d as they come up for reelection and removed from office. The Rand Paul “Clean Obamacare repeal bill” was defeated today (July 26, 2017) in the Senate because the following seven RINOs voted against it with all of the obstructionist Democrats in the Senate. You should remember that all of these senators except known RINO, Susan Collins of Maine, had pretended to oppose O’care in 2015 when they voted on a similar bill that they knew President Obama would veto. Today, they knew that President Trump would sign the bill, so they voted against it. They are not Republicans; but rather, traitors and must be removed from office! How? By nationalizing their next race and finding solid Republicans to run in their states with financing and support from across the nation (their treason hurts all of us no matter what state we come from). They are:

(1) Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nevada)
(2) Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia)
(3) Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)
(4) Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona)
(5) Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee)
(6) Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)
(7) Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio)

They made their own decisions and jumped in bed with Obama and the obstructionist Democrats. Let’s start looking for, and building organizations to support solid Conservatives to run against these slug RINOs as soon as possible.

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
July 26, 2017