How we got to this hell.

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. Born in 1951, my family and friends grew up in a free nation and one of the greatest states in the Union. Yes, we were not perfect, but we worked at it every day. We fought the scourge of Democrat racism and in the ‘60s went from historically racially segregated schools to peacefully and properly racially integrated schools largely without a hint of hostility to the necessary and moral change as our students welcomed our new black students into our schools with open arms. Check the record! Polytechnic High School in Fort Worth set the high standard for racial integration for the whole nation!

We had projectile launchers in our cars and trucks in the school parking lots, and inside our high schools our ROTC staff used them to train our ROTC students in their drill training and our on campus ranges (we have to carefully choose words that won’t animate anxiety in Democrats and social media censors—we can’t use any “g” words).

I graduated high school in 1969—and we never ever had any police officers assigned to our schools—and in all of my years growing up, no Fort Worth school children were ever threatened, injured, or killed on our school grounds by anything more that the occasional fist fight after school. Some of my school friends, and others, did die during those years. One was murdered by a brother, and one was killed in an auto accident; but until the United States government started drafting our boys and sending them away to fight a war the government didn’t really care to win and eventually quit on our commitments in Southeast Asia, we didn’t reall lose a lot of friends to projectile deaths. We really never had to deal with the violence growing up that later generations had and that ravages our country in increasing powers since the ‘70s.

That tells me something about the cause of the violence and hatred that now stalks our streets, our communities, our schools, and our culture, and it isn’t about projectile launchers of every kind in the hands of citizens. It is, instead, about the erosion of character in our culture since we threw God out of schools in 1962. It is about the selfishness and Marxism that invaded our schools and destroyed families and turned our children into a godless generation who learned that if you destroy the value of life, beginning in 1973, you could sacrifice your child to the devil and destroy your own soul and the soul of a nation while pretending it was progress.

Today we have made our language so meaningless that some modern Supreme Court Justices can testify with a straight face to the Senate that she, he, it, they, them, or whatever, can’t say what makes a “woman” a “woman” (which my generation learned naturally from birth). It is no wonder that we can no longer have meaningful communication and, more often than ever, many resort to insane violent acts on children and society just to vent their rage since they cannot find ways to communicate meaninfully and peacefully in their interactions with others.

My generation did not grow up that way; but today’s generation insists on building a new America in the image of godless Communism where there are no fathers or mothers or families or inalienable rights given by their Creator and secured by their responsible government, but only a ravenous all consuming and soulless consuming government to tell you how you must live and give, even though you are allowed under this new Marxist theocracy to own nothing and say nothing the censors will not allow. We keep trying to make the Marxist Communist ideal work that has never worked anywhere around the globe where it has been tried in all of the history of humankind.

If you want peace and order, stop demanding the surrender of rights, differing opinions, human rights, and inanimate objects from the people. That will never bring you more than the slavery we see in Communist China and North Korea and elsewhere where Communism is the rule imposed upon the people. If you want peace and order, instead, you must go back to the earlier, if imperfect, model we had in generations before when America loved and lived a real determination to live by the Constitution and seek God in all our ways.

Stop trying to blame projectile launchers and look in the mirror instead. That is what must be fixed! And that can only be fixed by a return to the God who sanctified America from the beginning for His own purposes. Only then it will be possible to build a great nation in which our children will ever again be safe.

Captain (Retired) Terry Michael Hestilow
United States Army
May 25, 1776

From the files of the absurd.

From the files of the absurd, I read (and am sharing with you) an article from Al Jazeera, posted on the Early Bird Brief from Military Times today, that the Biden Administration’s US “special envoy” to Afghanistan, Thomas West, “stresses international opposition to Taliban’s treatment of women and girls.”

That’s right! The same guys, Joe Biden and “Unconditional Surrenderer” Lloyd Austin, who showed utter contempt for the sacrifices made by U.S. service members since 2002 until last August in Afghanistan, who fought hard to defeat the Taliban and reestablish reasonable rights for girls and women in a hard Islamic nation that does not considers girls and women to be worthy of human rights, and who used to fill sports stadiums so everyone could see them summarily shoot girls and women in the back of the head for imagined crimes of honor, said Biden and Austin, in the dead of night, unconditionally threw up their hands in surrender to the Taliban, while giving them arms and equipment (not to mention bases and infrastructure) exceeding $85B, just so that they would be able to run away without being shot in the buttocks, are now telling the Taliban “Girls must be back in school, women free to move & work w/o restrictions for progress to normalised [sic] relations.” And get this! Biden’s “special envoy” delivered the message not in person, but via Twitter! How brave they are! Heck! You’d think Vice-President Kamala Harris should have delivered Biden’s demand! After all, if you want to show you care for women and girls, show them by sending a woman empowered like Harris (can we use the word “women” or “woman” or “girl” anymore as a definable characteristic)?

I can almost hear the Taliban laughing from half-way around the globe.

Let me tell you, our service members didn’t deserve the utter disrespect Biden and “Duck and Run” Lloyd Austin showed for all the hard work and sacrifice we gave in Afghanistan. As a former member of the United States Army Civil Affairs Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) contingent of our forces operating to help the Afghan government rebuild infrastructure and opportunities for girls and women in Afghanistan, what Joe Biden and “Run and Hide” Lloyd Austin did, in a single night, forfeited every effort made for those girls and women made by our forces, NATO, and good Afghans. Like frightened cowards bent on undoing all the good work done in Afghanistan, Biden and “Feckless” Austin urinated on the blood of the men and women who gave everything for the actual rights of Afghan girls and women; instead, giving everything to the Taliban enemy, including massive amounts of arms, ammunition, and equipment to use against the Afghan people, and particularly those same women and girls the Biden Administration now pretend to care about.

Yes, I’m sure that lyin Biden and “Sneak Away Under Cover of Darkness” Austin want to help the Afghan girls and women . . . about as much as they want to help Donald Trump win reelection in 2024.

This weekend, as we remember the ultimate sacrifice made by patriotic Americans in all of our nation’s wars since 1775, let us make certain that we show them the honor they have been denied by the Democrats and uniparty RINOs who have done everything possible to discredit their personal and family sacrifices, the sacrifices our nation has made, and the sacrifices around the globe our men and women have made to spread freedom and opportunity where our boots stand rather than what Communist China, the WHO, the UN, and the World Economic Forum wants to foist upon the world–global tyranny.

And let us reach again, as a nation, to achieve honor, character, freedom, and a determination to keep America free for our grandchildren, instead of enslavement to foreign masters as Joe Biden is doing this week in Geneva, Switzerland, giving away our sovereignty to the WHO and Communist China who controls it.

Captain (Retired) Terry Michael Hestilow

United States Army

May 24, 1776

To Arms, America!

President Biden fears even his own Democrat senators (mainly Senator Manchin, WV). That is why he has tried his end run around submitting his America killing proposed amendments to the International Health Treaty; instead secretly submitting them around Congress straight to Geneva.

Biden does not have constitutional authority to make or amend treaties on his own! Treaties must be voted on by the Senate and cannot be amended on the whim of a treasonous Executive Branch.

Congress must stand against Biden’s betrayal. Congress must immediately vote to remove us from this treaty and the WHO!

Further, Biden and his minions like Defense Secretary Austin have betrayed their oaths of office to defend to Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. They must be tried for treason!

Still more, they fear our patriotic military members, so they have deployed our units to Europe and Somalia to get them into wars we have no business in. They must be redeployed home to protect our country from the mercenaries that have been infiltrated into our country under cover of hundreds of thousands of undocumrnted migrants. Get our troops home NOW!

This Armed Forces Day demand Congress act like they love our nation!

Captain (Retired) Terry Michael Hestilow
United States Army
May 22, 1776

Prophetic and fun!

Here is something fun. Want to see and understand the Democrat Party’s plan to destroy the United States of America? It isn’t new or complicated. Rod Serling exposed it clearly in his long running television show back in the ‘60s. It was called “Twilight Zone”!

In President Dwight Eisenhower’s exit speech to the nation, President Eisenhower warned the American people (January 1961) against trusting the military-industrial complex.

Almost a year earlier Rod Serling had run a prophetic episode, season 1, episode 22, on March 4, 1960, called, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.” Serling was brilliant in his vision and understanding of human nature and exposed more than five decades ago much of what we could recognize in the news broadcasts today . . . if only we would open our eyes. Indeed, Time magazine, a good publication 60 years ago, called this episode of the Twilight Zone one of the ten best of all Twilight Zone shows. Serling was brilliant! Watch it all the way through the credits or you will miss the way he exposed the Democrats.

Finally, and I don’t want to spoil it, as you watch it think of words that might substitute for “Monsters.” I think you’ll get it (but Dims never will).

And here is a bonus recommendation. Watch the 1956 sci-fi classic movie (not associated with the “Twilight Zone”), ”The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” to understand how the Communists stole the Democrat Party.

None of this is new. They’ve been at it a very long time.

Captain (Retired) Terry Michael Hestilow
United States Army
May 22, 1776

Eventually you run out of options.

A dear friend and powerful young Christian minister sent me an email and asked, “So what are people (and should people be doing) to keep the US from handing over everything g to the WHO?”

I replied, “I’m not sure there is a legal action the People can take to stop this from happening next week. Some are saying that state governors can stop it. I don’t see that as a legal move, only a precursor to massive civil unrest.

“Here is the real issue. The president has sent proposed amendments to an existing treaty. That action is not legal, but who in the United States has legal standing to challenge it? The whole federal government is controlled by the Democrats and Davos Republicans (World Economic Forum); but, here is what you must know about the process. Treaties cannot be made by a president. Treaties must be approved by the Senate. Treaties cannot be a one man show; so, on its face the amendments cannot stand scrutiny by honest courts. Of course, the question remains, “How would a challenge get to an honest court . . . and ultimately to the Supreme Court before Christ comes?” There will be no emergency judgments by the courts to prevent the United States from stopping the WHO from exercising authority granted (illegally) by the U.S. president.

“Remember that the World Health Authority, that governs the WHO, are the ones who will decide to approve the amendments tendered by the U.S. president. As far as Geneva is concerned the WHO will have full authority to assume sovereignty over the United States in up to six months. Expect them to attempt to exercise that authority. They may declare a medical emergency on 1 November 2022; just two days prior to our elections. If that happens it will be a direct attack on our elections and an immediate challenge to U.S. sovereignty. I don’t suspect that the WHO will try to enforce it by U.N. military forces (it will be international forces that will have to enforce it); but rather, they will mobilize prepositioned mercenaries within our country to enforce their shut-down mandates. Remember that Biden has already repositioned many of our most effective, trained, and combat experienced units overseas in Europe and Africa (Somalia and North Africa) so they won’t be able to rally in defense of the United States.

“You can read about it on my blog at Biden, and those who are working with him on this plan to overthrow U.S. sovereignty have committed treason by this action. They have violated their oaths of office deliberately in a more heinous way that Benedict Arnold in the American Revolution. As a federal officer I can tell you that every federal office holder has sworn an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. By surrendering U.S. sovereignty to a foreign entity or country he has attempted to subordinate the United States illegally to a non-accountable U.S. authority. That is treason! Don’t misunderstand that!

“It might be possible to overturn what the enemy in our government are doing if we have our elections on November 3rd. I think that this whole plan is to suspend elections and deny the People their rights under the Constitution. If they are successful? It will be time for States to begin to secede from the Union. I don’t like saying it, but at that point the Union is gone anyway.

“People will say that states cannot secede. King George III and Great Britain said the same thing to the colonists in 1775.

“Geneva will pass the amendments. The WHO will attempt to exercise sovereign power over the United States in November for some medical or climate emergency. That will be the line in the sand in Texas and other states.”

Let me add only a couple of thoughts to this. There comes a time when options become far narrower, or cease to exist in large part because of decisions we have made in the past. I believe that we are here today in large part because we refused to believe what was right before us. There are uncountable moments in time that would have prevented us from getting to where we are today. Today, Geneva is going to try to implement a plan that I believe was drafted by the World Economic Forum long ago. Joe Biden didn’t come up with it, but he was a part of it long ago when he still had use of his evil mind. Our options are now largely in the hands of others in Geneva and Davos.

What are those options? If Geneva adopts the illegally submitted amendments to the International Health Treaty by a president who had no legitimate U.S. authority to amend an international treaty, we will have to wait to see if we have elections in November.

If we have elections in November we must–and it is an imperative that cannot be exaggerated–we must throw out every Democrat and Establishment Republican up for office and instead elect true American patriots! Congress must immediately, in margins that will allow the Senate to override a presidential veto, withdraw from the WHO, and the International Health Treaty (and never let anyone associated with the World Economic Forum ever get close to holding office again)!

We must bring our troops home immediately!

We must impeach and throw out of office Joe Biden and all of his minions, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley–and try them for treason.

If there are no elections the Union is already gone. States must not remain as members of the zombie nation that will still be know as the United States of America.

Texas must become, once again, The Republic of Texas. Others can do as they please. . . or, people can just accept the demise of our nation and our Constitution and surrender to tyrannical international control.


Captain (Retired) Terry M. Hestilow
United States Army
May 20, 1776

Ask questions and demand answers!

Ask yourself why it is that after Joe Biden has given U.S. sovereignty to the WHO to shut down America under any supposed medical emergency (disease, climate, gun violence, etc.), and after flooding thousands of military age men who may actually be clandestine international mercenaries to effect military authority over the American People at the will of the WHO to lock down the American population and use such authority to shut down our free fair elections in November, is it any surprise that Joe Biden has also deployed our most experienced, trained and powerful special operators and units of our military to Somalia and Europe for undeclared combat ops overseas so they won’t be able to protect Americans from international mercenaries, the WHO, and enemies at home?

Maybe you should start asking those questions?

The forfeiture of U.S. sovereignty, the flood of hundreds of thousands of undocumented people from all around the globe—some who may well be mercenary plants inside our country—and the redeployment of our own military forces overseas at a time when we may need them at home to defend our Constitutional Republic at home is all a Democrat and Establishment Republican prelude to the real enemy objective to overthrow our mid-term elections and our Constitution.

Don’t be deceived! Democrats are telling the truth when they say we are now at war; but they are lying about who it is with whom we are at war. The opposition are conducting a clandestine insurgent war inside the United States as they are planning and plotting to use a WHO declared emergency to shut down our free and fair mid-term elections! They are the enemy of our sovereignty and our constitutional form of government!

This is a national security emergency!

Captain (Retired) Terry Michael Hestilow
United States Army
May 19, 1776

The last resort.

While I am a lifelong patriotic federal soldier and have always served and fought to preserve the Union, the president has ALREADY committed treason and violated his oath of office in seeking to cede—surrender—United States sovereignty with the effect of overthrowing the U.S. Constitution by submitting anti-American amendments to an existing Treaty with the governing body over the World Health Organization, which he cannot do under our Constitution, I must suggest that if said amendments are adopted by said international body, and certainly if the WHO concocts a cause to try to intervene and stop our free fair mid-term elections this November, then there will remain only one solution for the nation in reaction to this totalitarian takeover of the United States; which is secession certainly of Texas, and like minded states into a new Constitutional Republic leaving the remains of the former United States. Can’t do it, you say? So said King George III to the American colonists in 1776. How did that work out for the British Empire?

Captain (Retired) Terry M. Hestilow

United States Army

May 19, 1776

Right in front of our eyes.

It is being reported tonight that the president has approved defense secretary Lloyd Austin’s request to reposition hundreds of our best war fighters into Somalia. This is on top of already significant deployments of our combat arms units into Europe where the Democrats and Establishment Republicans are proclaiming that we are already at war with Russia. We’ll come back to this in a minute.

Republicans can hardly be bothered to assess present national security threat levels that may be present already in our nation from the potential insertion of unidentified foreign mercenaries brought in under cover of the masses of “undocumented” aliens crossing our border now because these Republicans are too focused on an anticipated massive election victory in November. Got that?

Next week, acting on a Biden invitation to amend our existing treaty with the governing body over the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States president intends to cede United States sovereignty—surrender U.S. sovereignty—to a foreign agency that will allow the WHO to declare undefined ”health” emergencies in the United States and to have inherent authority to enforce their mandates in all areas of American life and on the American population with their own designated police and military forces; potentially prepositioned mercenary forces previously unidentified to the American People. You following this?

Now, if trends continue in this nation, and our military forces are strategically deployed around the globe elsewhere, even if they wanted to defend their homeland from an outside military occupation force (already secretly deployed inside the United States) they could not get back home to defend their American homeland and the American People would be, to a large extent, unprotected against these foreign invading military forces serving the interests of the WHO and a global one world government lauded by the Bush family for years.

Sound too far fetched? Yeah, I thought so to.

All the same, Americans might want to think about stopping the Congress from creating economic disaster at home as they send more and more money they never asked us if they could spend to fight wars they never asked us if they could start, and send the bulk of our war fighters into war zones where we don’t agree we should be fighting!

Just a thought. We might want to get a handle on this quick. Otherwise, about the time we think we are going to have mid-term elections the WHO will flex their new Biden given authority in America to cancel our elections and lock us in our homes with those mercenaries DHS helped get set up to assume power over our lives.

And our military? They might be stuck overseas with no way home (but if I’m right home will no longer exist).

Don’t get “woke”! Wake up!

Captain (Retired) Terry Michael Hestilow
United States Army
May 17, 1776

Keeping priorities right!

So glad that Congress is busy conducting hearings on the national security threat of unidentified flying objects (that have never been identified nor represented any kind of threat to our national security except in movies).

Too bad Congress could care less about holding hearings on the very real national security threat of thousands of military age males from all around the globe, including enemy nations, that are unidentified, unsecured, and potential enemy war fighters that have been inserted into the United States concealed in the massive movement of other unidentified walking objects walking and swimming across our southern border.

So glad the government is paying attention to all those space aliens!


Captain (Retired) Terry Michael Hestilow
United States Army
May 17, 1776

Stop the sell-out of U.S. sovereignty to the WHO

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

Our national sovereignty is set to be given away by amending an existing treaty to give WHO ultimate authority over our nation by Joe Biden. Please read and use this example letter to your senators and representatives in the United States House of Representatives. This has been done in secret and your elected members of the Senate and House may be ignorant of this very real and nation destroying act of Joe Biden!

Use this example and send it now to your representatives in Congress!

Captain (Retired) Terry Michael Hestilow
United States Army
May 17, 1776

See text:

To the Honorable (Senator or Representative),

As my elected representative or appointed public servant, you are accountable to me and other Americans whose lives may be affected by decisions taken by the Congress and the Executive Branch agencies it oversees. Your Constitutional duty and obligation are to ensure American interests at all times. The same is not true of unaccountable private and publicly funded foreign organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO).

So, it is appalling to me that the Biden administration is not only going along with, but has actually initiated, the greatest voluntary surrender of our national sovereignty since our Republic was founded. As things stand now, at a meeting of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland between the 22nd and 28th of May, U.S.-proposed amendments will be considered for adoption, amendments that would materially alter the existing, Senate-approved International Health Regulations Treaty.

The changes would make the Director-General of the WHO the sole arbiter of what is a “public health emergency of international concern” and dictate and enforce how our government and others must respond to it. The term, “Public Health Emergency,” is ill-defined and could include not only a viral pandemic, but also a rise in crime rates, climate change, or any other issue that arguably may affect “public health.” Further, the attempt to slip this surrender of sovereignty through quietly as amendments constitutes an attempt to subvert the treaty process, thus performing an end-run around our constitutional treaty-making process and the legislatures of the world.

Such a surrender of life-and-death decisions to a wholly unaccountable international bureaucracy and its Chinese-compromised leader would be unacceptable to me under any circumstance – and it must be for you, my elected or appointed representative, as well. It is especially true given the WHO’s appalling record of subordinating sound public health policies to the demands of the Chinese Communist Party that has been evident in the Covid-19 pandemic.

I call upon you to act immediately to block this imminent and appalling surrender of our national sovereignty.

Thank you!

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