Benedict Arnold recognition for 2017 …

Benedict Arnold recognition for 2017 …
Benedict Arnold recognition for 2017 goes to …
In all honesty, I am being too harsh on Benedict Arnold by associating him with the likes of the following Republican House members who voted to sell out the United States military and, hence the United States of America, by supporting the complete funding of the Obama Agenda for the U.S. military. They are so cited because they voted to allow sexual deviants to take over the Department of Defense when they killed the Hartzler Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018. In killing the Hartzler Amendment, they agreed to have you and me–through the DoD Budget (NDAA FY 2018)–to pay for their so-called “gender reassignment” surgeries and hormone treatments while the perverts will be placed on limited duty and cannot perform their military duties for two years of their service obligations. Benedict Arnold only tried to sell West Point to the British during the Revolutionary War (1780). That, most probably, would not have caused us to lose the war. Selling the DoD out to make sexual deviance the law of the land, paid for by you and me, may very well cause honest and moral war trained veterans to leave the military because of the hostile environment the Obama DoD–financed by Republicans on this list–will create in our armed forces. At the same time, their Defense funding will have the effect of attracting thousands of sexual deviants to flock to the military for surgeries and treatments that can never change their DNA, their true sex, or their genuine gender.
What I am asking you to do today, and into this 2018 election year, is that if you live in a U.S. House District in which the following U.S. Representatives sit:
(1) Write and call your Representative and voice your absolute objection to their vote to kill the Hartzler Amendment to the NDAA FY 2018 Budget. Further, assure them that you will seek and support–if not run for their seat yourself–a Primary opponent against them in 2018.
(2) Follow through! Consider running for their office yourself! We can make these national races funded by like minded citizens across the nation since they have betrayed our whole nation with their support of the NDAA FY 2018 Budget that would fully fund the Obama Agenda in the military! Most of these individuals ran for office telling you how Conservative they were and how opposed to Obama they were–then they voted for the Obama destruction of the U.S. military offering to sexual deviants a two year medical profile keeping them from doing their military duties to keep our military forces combat ready! This legislation makes it the DoDs financial responsibility to shoulder the medical costs of treatments and operations to make them “look” different, while at the cellular level they are exactly the same and will continue to be confused about their sexual identity. Do you want to pay for this? I hope not!
(3) Prepare yourself to support real honest to God Conservatives that will take on these fake Conservatives in your District’s Primary races for 2018. Support real candidates who believe in traditional American values–and will vote that way when they get into office.
(4) If your U.S. Representative is not on this list, first, thank God, and then prepare yourself, like me, to support honest to God Conservatives in other District Primary races for 2018 who believe in traditional American values–and will vote that way when they get into office.
(5) Write and call the White House and make sure that President Trump and his impotent “go along to get along” Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, understand that the NDAA FY 2018 Budget MUST NOT, MUST NOT, MUST NOT be passed into law without the provisions of the Hartzler Amendment!
(6) Finally, if you ever want your Representatives to listen to you, no matter what these listed Representatives said to get you to vote for them, remember that they lied! Are you tired of being represented by a liar that sells out our military? Then Primary them and run them out of Washington, D.C.!
Lastly, many of these so-called “Republicans” were elected to office since Barack Obama came to power and set in motion the Democrat’s agenda for the remaking of the United States of America into Europe’s likeness of Socialism and defeat at the hands of al Qaeda and ISIS. Now they have hobbled the U.S. military and perhaps doomed to failure our long war against terrorism. At least one of these Representatives was a Marine Lieutenant General. The Secretary of Defense was a Marine General. Many ran on their veteran status. As a retired soldier I can tell you that Obama remade the officer’s corps after his own image. Make sure that you don’t just trust a candidate because they wore the uniform. Find out what their core values really are or you will be in the same fix of betrayal in two more years–if we have that long. U.S. Representative Jack Bergman, 1st U.S. Congressional District of Michigan is a retired Lieutenant General of the Marine Corps. Benedict Arnold was a General officer too! Both have deceived and betrayed our military’s best interests. Be careful who you allow to vote in your name!
Here is the list of U.S. Representatives who voted to pay with your tax dollars the medical expenses to pretend to change the sex of confused members of the United States military. This is the list of Republicans who must be defeated by solid Constitutional Conservatives who hold and will always vote their traditional American values. Let’s get it done!
(1) Justin Amash, R-3rd District, Michigan, since 2001
(2) Jack Bergman, R-1st District, Michigan, since 2017
(3) Mike Coffman, R-6th District, Colorado, since 2009
(4) Barbara Comstock, R-10th District, Virginia, since 2015
(5) Paul Cook, R-8th District, California, since 2013
(6) Ryan Costello, R-6th District, Pennsylvania, since 2015
(7) Carlos Curbelo, R-26th District, Florida, since 2015
(8) Jeff Denham, R-10th District, California, since 2013
(9) Charlie Dent, R-15th District, Pennsylvania, since 2005
(10) John Faso, R-19th District, New York, since 2017
(11) Brian Fitzpatrick, R-8th District, Pennsylvania, since 2017
(12) Darrell Issa, R-49th District, California, since 2003
(13) John Katko, R-24th District, New York, since 2015
(14) Steve Knight, R-25th District, California, since 2015
(15) Leonard Lance, R-7th District, New Jersey, since 2009
(16) Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd District, New Jersey, since 1995
(17) Tom MacArthur, R-3rd District, New Jersey, since 2015
(18) Tom Reed, R-23rd District, New York, since 2013
(19) Dave Reichert, R-8th District, Washington, since 2005
(20) Ileana Ras-Lehtinen, R-27th District, Florida, since 2013
(21) Bill Shuster, R-9th District, Pennsylvania, since 2001
(22) Elise Stefanik, R-21st District, New York, since 2015
(23) Claudia Tenney, R-22nd District, New York, since 2017
(1) No matter what else you may think that they have done for you, they have voted to destroy our military by supporting the Obama Agenda of making the U.S. military an agent of social change instead of the greatest fear of our enemies.
(2) They cannot be trusted with anything else. They have betrayed everyone who has ever served honorably in the United States military and their agenda will get good Americans killed because they are worried about being “PC” rather than funding the legitimate needs of our armed forces.
Stand up now for our nation and our children’s and grandchildren’s future!
CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
July 17, 2017

If we no longer have valiant leaders of character, then it is time we be the leaders of our nation! Follow me!

I have been looking at those 23 Republican members of Congess who voted against the Hartzler Amendment to the NDAA for the FY 2018 budget. Tragically, this sell out to the LGBT/Democrat/Establishment political power structure in D.C. includes many Republicans elected by us to take back Washington from the Liberals and Obama since 2009. Even worse, these betrayers of our military includes many veterans, and even one retired Marine Lieutenant General! (WTH?!). We are even being told that the Secretary of Defense (General, Retired) Jim Mattis (USMC) encouraged them to do this! Oh, HELL NO! Who can we trust today?
Regardless, we know who voted the Hartzler Amendment down. It is a matter of record. What this tells me is that we who are veterans, military retirees, military voters of every branch, and supporters of our great military must not trust candidates who are themselves veterans like us until they put it all on the line to stop the sexual deviants from taking over and destroying our military! Trust only proven defenders of our military in the Republican Party! And vote for only those committed to our values!
As it stands now, the Republican Party is willing to sell out our national security at a time in which every Defense dollar is essential for genuine readiness maintenance spending requirements. What is necessary, as our enemies are preparing for war against us, is an absolute prohibition of “gender reassignment” expenditures and recruitment of mentally disturbed people (concerning their gender) coming into the DoD for useless surgeries and non-deployable status. Also, these House Republicans, in their great cowardice, have voted, in effect, to drive out of the military service men and women (there are only two genders) who are morally fit and experienced war fighters, to recruit mentally disturbed sexual deviants to defend our nation! Dare I say it? Yes! These Republicans are traitors!
You know that I will be taken down soon; so this is what you patriotic veterans, retirees, and service supporters must do. No matter what these 23 Republicans have done in the past, or their service record, they have voted to destroy the U.S. military by funding in full the Obama agenda to transform the military into a giant vehicle to normalize sexual deviance throughout the nation. You must identify each of these 23 Republican members of the House of Representatives who killed the Hartzler Amendment, and find qualified candidates you can support to defeat them in their Primary elections in 2018! Share and support efforts against each of these Republicans who betrayed you and your military!
Immediately, communicate by any means available to President Trump, that he MUST–ABSOLUTELY MUST–veto any Defense appropriation that fails to contain the provisions of the Hartzler Amendment! No negotiation! It must be vetoed!
Then, no matter what the situation or circumstance, if you truly care about our military, never waiver to stand and demand a return to the prohibition of the inclusion of sexual deviants (homosexuals, pedophiles, and transgenders) in the military for any reason at any time.
Unless we stand fast in unison today, our military and our nation will be destroyed according to the Left’s plan.
Do you not believe we can protect America without them? How in the hell did we do it before? We need leaders today like we had in the past! We need men like Eisenhower, MacArthur, Bradley, Patton, Grant, and Lee! If we no longer have them, then it is time we BE THEM for America today and tomorrow!
CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.

July 16, 2017

My Letter to President Trump! Re: Saving the U.S. Military!

Captain Terry M. Hestilow

United States Army, Retired

Fort Worth, Texas

July 13, 2017

President Donald J. Trump

President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC  20500

Reference:  National Defense Authorization Act, FY 2018; the absolute necessity of the Hartzler Amendment; and the need for immediate action to preserve the United States military from the effects of the Obama Administration’s efforts to destroy our armed forces.

Mr. President,

As a retired member of the United States Army I am extremely concerned with the continuation of the Obama agenda for destroying the ability of the military to defend our nation while changing its effective mission to one of using the armed forces as a de facto vehicle of social change to promote normalization throughout the nation of deviant sexual behaviors. I write to you, today, to plead with you to overthrow the Obama agenda now, and return the U.S. military to its proper war fighting mission!

Sir, as you know, our economy cannot afford to take money out of circulation for purposes that do not promote economic growth in the private sector without at the same time promoting our nation’s security. With that in mind, our Defense Budget may be hijacked by the potential for incalculable medical expenditures for ultimately ineffective treatments designed to promote the appearance of sexual change of members (removing them from their military duties for up to two years), but producing no real biological change in the person’s so-called gender or sexual identity. It is a fact that neither hormone manipulation nor sex reassignment surgeries can actually change a person’s sex, since a person’s sexual identity is programmed by nature in the individual’s DNA at the genetics level of each cell. Simply put, it is impossible to change a person’s sex, or gender, or sexual identity; and if a person has some dissonance with their biological sexual identity it is not correctable by hormone treatments or surgery; but rather, is a mental condition, by definition, that must be treated as a mental condition and not as an error of one’s biology to be changed or “corrected” by doctors. And since when did we enlist or commission people into the armed forces knowing that they already suffered a mental condition of any king, much less one that is incompatible with good order and discipline in the military? To enlist or commission such individuals into any of the branches of the U.S. military, knowing that medical treatments can never resolve their perceived biological dissonance, would be a betrayal of the best interests of the American People and those in the military depending on those Defense dollars to be spent on real readiness budget issues!


With that in mind, Mr. President, it would be unconscionable that even one dollar of the U.S. Defense budget to be diverted from actual DoD readiness “war fighting” requirements – to pay for so-called medical practices or procedures that cannot, by nature, actually alter or change a person’s true gender. Indeed, unbiased scientific studies of identical twins (who share from conception identical DNA) overwhelmingly reveal that a person’s sexual confusion about their sexual identity, be that homosexuality, gender confusion (aka transgenderism), and any other individual perceptions about “being” a gender other than “male” or “female” is mentally rooted and has absolutely no correlation to their biology; but rather, life influencing events, mental perceptions and psychological influences. No amount of hormone treatments or surgeries can ever resolve the issues these people face.

Much like Democrats today, who refuse to cooperate with you in seeking to serve our nation honestly and with your best interests in mind, no amount of honest intellectual reasoning with those who seek to integrate sexual perversion throughout our military will ever result in a good outcome for our nation, our armed forces, or the men and women who serve.  They are not about moving forward governing or protecting our nation.  The so-called LGBT/Democrat agenda is political and not based on sound defense policy, rational thought or true science. It is simply focused on throwing off all moral restraint and decency with the forced rejection of the very institution, like marriage, family, and a strong military, in their efforts to mandate social change and to usher in some form of government that we should all fear rather than embrace! It will not be one in which tolerance of traditional thought will be allowed, to be sure!

If you don’t believe me, this old veteran of both the Vietnam War and the War on Terrorism, then candidly ask Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis if he truly believes that the inclusion of sexual deviants in the military, promoted by budget authorizations, science fiction medicine, and legal threats of disciplinary action against those who hold traditional values under a perverted Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), can ever promote a lean, strong, and ready military force capable of defeating America’s enemies already preparing to attack us in every way imaginable, inside the nation and around the globe. If he is the man that I, and most patriotic Americans, believe that he is, he will assure you that the Left’s agenda is uniformly against our military’s readiness and its survival as an institution of strength for the enforcement of U.S. foreign policy abroad. The only purpose that the Left sees for the military is to be a command directed environment to grow perverted liberalism and spread its perverted philosophies across the United States as discharged reeducated troops return to their home communities.

It is my true fear, Mr. President, that unless you immediately reverse the Obama agenda to pervert and destroy the U.S. military through inclusion of personnel openly practicing and promoting a homosexual lifestyle in the military, and those who openly practicing and promote transgenderism in the force, we will be sad to see the eventually destruction of our powerful military’s ability to confront and defeat our enemies in the field. At a minimum, and I am certain that Secretary Mattis will confirm my suggestion, any retention or expansion of such inclusion of persons openly practicing and promoting the homosexual and transgender lifestyles in the U.S. military will make day-to-day life for not only commanders, but leaders at every level, a non-negotiable career mine field that sanity will demand they leave.  I am certain that this is not your goal for our military?

Sir, I urge you to refuse to accept a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 that fails to contain the “Hartzler Amendment”, named for its author, Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-4th Congressional District of the state of Missouri. It would begin to remove the cancer of the Obama Administration’s agenda in the military that, if left in place, will ultimately destroy our war fighting capability. Indeed, it would be the correct first-step to end the recruitment of individuals who are not coming into the armed forces to serve our national defense requirements, but rather, to obtain, free of charge, the medical treatments that they have been led to believe will allow them to “become” sexually different from their birth identity. The Hartzler Amendment would properly end the provision of taxpayer defense funds to pay for 100% ineffective medical treatments and surgeries (removing the member from duty for two years while undergoing the treatments and meaning that they cannot perform their assigned military duties). Let me repeat, that while we lose the member from their military duties, the medical treatments can never actually achieve the member’s desired purpose or outcome of changing their biological identity (gender reassignment)!

Of no lesser importance, the Hartzler Amendment would protect regular Americans in the military from the full-scale assault upon their conscience and their careers. Members of the military would not have the right of their privacy that would be assaulted in their latrines and living spaces by forced re-indoctrination under threat of disciplinary action. It is one thing to ask of service members that they jeopardize their lives and their families to the consequence of military service to keep our country free; but it is quite another to force them to literally shower with, live with, and work with individuals that hold their own gender identity in contempt! The Obama Administration, when fully implemented, will not only force the best of our service members out of service, but it will prevent the best of the next generation from believing that military service is morally suitable for their voluntary commitment to military service. The military will become a cesspool!

Think about it, Mr. President. How can we allow funds necessary for the proper operations and maintenance of our Defense structure to be diverted to pay for this deviant sexual social experiment when we have enemies flexing their muscles around the globe and challenging us with aggression while half of our equipment has to be cannibalized to keep the other half of our equipment operational and combat ready? I know that weak in the knee political types are willing to fall on their knees to betray our armed services in the name of social change if they sense the winds are driving the polls in that direction; but I do not believe that of you, Mr. President, nor your combat wizened and highly decorated Secretary of Defense. You are both made of more patriotic substance and moral courage than they!  You have no common cause with them! You know that they would slaughter you, your children, and our military on their altars to the overthrow of the United States if you allowed them to have their way in continuing to implement Barack Obama’s anti-military agenda.

I saw you yesterday in a news clip saying to, I think, Dr. Pat Robertson, “If Hillary had been elected; our military would have been decimated.” I believe that you are right. But, Mr. President, unless you now prevail and refuse to accept the NDAA Budget for FY 2018 unless it contains the provisions of the Hartzler Amendment, and unless you now reverse the Obama agenda to allow those who practice sexually deviant lifestyles to continue to serve, enlist or receive commissions in the armed forces, it will not be Hillary Clinton who will decimate the military … it will be you!  Mr. President, when the epitaph for America is read, the destruction of our military will be what you will be forever remembered. I don’t believe that you will do that.

Mr. President, I have faced the Communists in Vietnam, and the Taliban in Afghanistan (I left the Army between 1993 and 2002 because I could not serve Bill Clinton who had sought our military defeat in Vietnam).  I was an enlisted soldier, a non-commissioned officer (Staff Sergeant) and commissioned officer (Captain) in the Military Police Corps (Vietnam), the Infantry “Airborne”, and Civil Affairs (Afghanistan).  I tell you this because I have a very long history of service and have always been committed to our nation’s best interests (as is also your desire and commitment).  The weasels (and here I slander the animal unfairly) who would allow our military to be destroyed are not your friends nor mine.  Stand with me, sir, and refuse to allow the enemy to destroy our military from within.  I will stand with you as long as you stand for our military forces.  The enemy would destroy us both.  Sir, I stand with you.  If they kill me, so be it!  Let us stand, or die, as men of genuine principle!  I believe in you.

With prayers that God will grant you the exceptionally great wisdom for the man who leads the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world!  It is with profound respect I urge to capture the victory,

Your servant and champion,

Terry M. Hestilow

Captain, Infantry, United States Army, Retired


Vice-President Mike Pence

Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

House Speaker Paul Ryan

Representative Vicky Hartzler, Republican, 4th District, Missouri

Representative Michael Burgess, Republican, 26th District, Texas

Senator John Cornyn, Republican, Texas

Senator Ted Cruz, Republican, Texas


Facebook:  Terry Michael Hestilow



Mattis’ gravest mistake of his career!

Of course, I am grieved with all patriotic Americans, that President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis decided to leave in place this cancer in our Department of Defense; but I suspect that, in the final analysis, it boils down to perceived “must do” priorities in our world where America is threatened constantly from within and without.
I will tell you that the Left had to force, via Barack Obama’s presidency, their deviant sexual agenda into the cellular structure of the DoD in order to use the military as a forced vehicle of change to destroy the nation from within. Think about it. By adopting not only acceptance of all forms of sexual deviance–none of which are supported by either biology or history–into the armed forces by command directive, but also making the DoD medical system a resource to expand the biological impossibility of altering one’s sexual identity with Defense funds (which can then never be used for Defense purposes), the Left has intentionally inserted a lethal cancer into the force.
Further, their success goes (again intentionally) far beyond simply allowing sexual deviant persons from being in the U.S. armed forces. They have now forced all military members to be required under threat of the Uniform Code of Military Justice to sit in endless classes–not honing their military skills–but being–by command direction of their unit Training Schedules–to submit to reeducation classes that force them to live as though biology and their religious faith is a lie (if their religious faith does not agree).
Finally, the Left’s total deviance plan and reordering of the U.S. military is employed in this multifaceted way because they know that when members of the armed forces finish their military service obligation and return home, they will likely then carry back into American communities the deviant ideas they were forced to embrace by law when they were in the military for the specific strategic purpose of perverting the nation as though with a virus to destroy the country.
This policy must be reversed. I hope that it is reversed and returned to cultural and biological sanity before our military–and our children in uniform–are forced to suffer terrible defeats on the battlefields to which they will be deployed. This is not a joke and it will have grave consequences on our nations survival if it is not stopped soon.
CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
June 19, 2017

The lie we must never accept.

Today, Democrats and their enablers are telling us, as usual, that the Alexandria Democrat terrorist was suffering from mental illness and was not representative of Democrat Party thought or political motive. That is a deliberate lie being told in an attempt to create necessary distance and cover for themselves from their terrorist agents carrying out the violence they actually seek against their political enemies. Democrat Party leaders at every level, the media, university professors, and liberal elites everywhere are the ones who knowingly inspire such behaviors among their devotees. But saying that the actions of this Democrat terrorist, antifa, BLM, street rioters, and college rioters is somehow exceptional from the agenda of Democrats, in and out of office, is a deliberate and necessary lie intended to preserve credibility in a gullible public to allow them to continue to believe that Democrats and media speakers are not themselves responsible for the violence we see them using all across the land to destroy our nation.

Know beyond any reasonable question or doubt that those who knew, or were associated with the Alexandria Democrat terrorist who attacked Congressional Republicans did not consider him to be in any way mentally ill or emotionally disturbed! Indeed, the issues that he emphasized and the things that he wrote, sponsored, and said in public and private or on social media, were not distinguishably different from the language of Congressional Democrats, actors from Hollywood, and people like Kathy Griffin! If we are to believe that the Alexandria Democrat terrorist was mentally disturbed or emotionally unstable, then, we must, by default, agree that his instability mentally and emotionally must necessarily infect all Democrats, media, Hollywood, and academics who are proclaiming the very same ideas every day to their brainwashed Marxist followers!

No! The Alexandria Democrat terrorist espoused the exact same rhetoric of all Democrats. His behavior was not irrational or inconsistent with the rhetoric of Democrats everywhere. On the contrary, his actions were rationally plotted and planned as a committed enemy. His actions were deliberate and a well executed murderous terrorist attack not on random citizens, but upon Congressional Republicans for the purpose of killing the American People’s representatives to stop President Trump’s legislative political agenda. These were not the actions of a mentally ill person; but rather, a soldier under command (and hopefully from his computer we will learn who was directly working with him to execute this military operation).

The Alexandria Democrat terrorist was not a mentally or emotionally disturbed person in any way exceptional to rank and file Democrats. He was, in every way possible, a reflection of who Democrats in our nation have become. We are not the same! And unless Democrats repent of their hatred for our Constitution and the values that made America great–unless they repent of their desire to destroy our nation and overthrow our cultural and religious values–we must never seek to embrace any “unity” with them anywhere that we find them.

Democrats and the Alexandria terrorist are one and the same and must be likewise condemned–period!

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA,Ret.
June 15, 2017


The Virginia terrorist attack was not committed by a lone deranged actor; but a Democrat terrorist acting in concert with his Party.

Concerning the Democrat terrorist attack on Congressional Republicans in Alexandria, Virginia, this morning. As is their method of operation to deny their involvement and paint the individual actor as an unhinged individual, Democrats, and the media, will attempt to paint the terrorist from Illinois (whom I will not name because he deserves no recognition for his crimes) as a man who was plagued by mental and emotional disorders, and was acting inconsistent with Democrat ideals or strategic policy.

That is a lie and will be a lie every time you hear it. The terrorist was acting exactly in concert with the demonstration of Democrat strategy from North to South and East to West. Do not repeat their claims that he was mentally deranged! He was a Democrat (of the Sanders camp) acting like all other Democrats in any of their quarters. He was a Democrat in every respect like Kathy Griffin or the actors in the New York play, “Julius Caesar” who laud and call for murder and mayhem, or the Hollywood elites or George Soros who promote and fund terrorist violence in the streets for Democrat political agendas. He may have been mentally deranged, but he was, indeed, mentally deranged in the exact same way that any and all Democrats are anywhere in the country. Indeed, he is just like the Islamic terrorist that the Democrats support in every respect until he accomplishes their terrorist act; then, to attempt to maintain some credibility, the Democrats–unlike the true Islamists–try to distance themselves from his or her acts. The Democrat terrorist was not deranged beyond what it necessarily means to be a Democrat–they are all deranged!

What you must remember is this. He obviously had contacts in the Democrat Party who assisted him in identifying when and where Republican legislators would be particularly vulnerable–in this case Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia where only police and criminals carry guns. His agenda was carefully planned and executed to kill as many Republican legislators as possible to frustrate and obstruct the President’s legislative agenda (absolute Democrat obstructionism like Democrat legislators and judges, but with guns). There was nothing random about his actions. This was a military style plan to fix and assault victims in a kill zone for a political purpose. He did not act alone and he most definitely was acting on behalf of George Soros’ obstructionist agenda to overthrow Constitutional government. Never ever let the Democrats get away with denying their corporate involvement and participation in this attack on members of the Republican Party and the American People. This was and is an act of war by the Democrats on our way of life and government!

Do not be deceived by their denials or their feigned prayers. It is psychological operations only!

Stand strong, America, and refuse to allow the Democrats to overthrow our Constitutional government.

P.S. The only part of their operation that went wrong (for them) was that Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, was at the game practice this morning, which meant that a security detail of the Capitol Police was present to engage and kill the Democrat terrorist in his actions. Had it not been for the Capitol Police, no one would have had arms to protect themselves and the baseball diamond would have been a near perfect killing zone for the Democrat terrorist to slaughter his victims at will and without resistance.

Yes, you may share this!

CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
June 14, 2017

Operation Fast and Furious was nothing less than an act of war against the Peoples of Mexico and the United States by Barack Obama and Eric Holder.


I call your attention to this story only to applaud that it has not been completely forgotten by some in the nation. What is of even greater importance, though, is that Americans become fully aware of what “Fast and Furious” was, and what motivated President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and other enemies of our Constitution to do with Operation Fast and Furious later, when Mexico was awash in innocent blood that could be cleverly blamed on the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
Let me be clear here. It was the intent of the Obama Administration to force gun dealers to sell weapons in an otherwise illegal scheme so that those weapons would be instrumental in the slaughter of innocent citizens in the northern border towns of Mexico. Now, let that sink in!
Barack Obama and Eric Holder initiated an operation by the United States federal law enforcement agencies intended to literally cause massive casualties of innocent Mexican citizens so that the bloodshed would stir international outrage against the United States and within the United States because weapons were pouring into Mexico to drug cartels to kill thousands of innocent civilians in resulting drug wars in Mexico.
The ATF and DOJ claimed that they had intended to “track” the 2,000 weapons we know about, but admit that they only managed to track approximately one-quarter (600) of the guns the U.S. law enforcement agencies ran to the criminal organizations in Mexico. Only a total fool, or a willing accomplice, could possibly believe that they lost track of 1,400 of the 2,000 weapons.
And all was going well in this illegal action to bring outrage against the United States and our Second Amendment by the President and his operatives behind federal badges … until the night of December 14, 2010 … when a single Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, got in the way of a “rip crew” operating in the area with the guns provided to them by President Barack Obama and AG Eric Holder. Then their plan began to unravel as they were forced to turn the world’s attention on the single Border Agent killed by “accident” in a supposed law enforcement operation somehow gone wrong.
Yes, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death was unexpected and unintended by the combined U.S. federal law enforcement agencies operating under dubious orders by the president and his attorney general. But never ever forget that the thousands of citizens–literally thousands–slaughtered in drug battles in which they were caught in the cross-fire were actually the intended product of Obama and Holder; they were absolutely necessary and intended so that their blood could be used against our Constitution in the United States!
So, here is the back story that you may never hear about “Operation Fast and Furious”. Operation Fast and Furious was never about “tracking” weapons being purchased and run to drug cartels in Mexico (as if that in itself would not have been an act of war against Mexico by Obama and Holder). If they had wanted to track the weapons, they could have!
No! Operation Fast and Furious was nothing short of an act of treason against our Constitution and our nation–and specifically our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment by President Barack Obama and AG Eric Holder, and the Democrat Party. They wanted to create an international outrage against the United States by revealing that thousands of Mexican citizen deaths (necessary under Obama’s plan) could be tied to our Second Amendment! That was Obama’s plan–and it would have worked … had it not been for one unintended victim, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry!
When they talk about Operation Fast and Furious, you would do well to refuse to allow them to make it a simple failure of a DOJ-ATF plan to track guns to drug dealers resulting in a single death. It was nothing less than a war planned and executed upon the innocent citizens of Mexico killed in the drug wars south of the US-Mexico border and a war against our nation and our Constitution north of the US-Mexico border. It was a treason out of contempt for our nation by none other than Barack Obama and his political followers.
Border Patrol Agent Terry’s life should not be minimized. His life and his service must be honored by holding those responsible for his death accountable under the law.
But, never forget (and you will never see their faces or bloody dead bodies shown on the mainstream media) the thousands killed by the political intention of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and their operatives in and out of government. They should be held accountable under US law and then extradited to Mexico to pay for the lives snuffed out for their political agenda of hate for the United States and our Constitution.
Hold them accountable for their treason!
CPT Terry Michael Hestilow, USA, Ret.
Military Police, Infantry, Civil Affairs (Airborne)
June 7, 2017
P.S. Perhaps I have not sufficiently stated the case. Under any circumstances, you can not pretend any care or concern for innocent human life–in this case the thousands of innocent Mexican citizens–unless you are willing to see Obama and Holder held accountable for their slaughter. It is impossible to become more evil than to be the man or woman who killed thousands of innocents to serve as international props for a Marxist political objective against our Constitution. He and Holder are as guilty of this Mexican blood as if they had killed them with their own hands.
There. Is that clear enough?